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The Yakima Online! program is a public, online alternative to the traditional classroom and serves students in grades 6-12 in the Yakima School District. The online program is brought to you by Yakima School District and provides full and part-time options. You are eligible for this program if you:

  • Are under the age of 21
  • AND
  • Reside in the Yakima School District
  • Have successfully completed the 5th grade


Who will issue my diploma?
The Yakima School District will issue the diploma on behalf of the Yakima Online! program.

Will I attend a graduation ceremony?
Yes, Yakima Online! students, in most cases, will graduate with their fellow Yakima School District students.

Can I take classes part-time and still be a part of Yakima Online!?
Yes, we offer both part-time and full-time online options for our students.

If you don't meet the requirements of this program, try our state-wide option.